Looking for some great deals on used tackle?

Want to sell some tackle you no longer use?
Check out our annual Tackle Swap & Yard Sale
Saturday June 2, 2018

How it Works;

Bring in your used tackle anytime before June 2, 2018. The sooner the better.
Tell us how much you want to sell it for. When it sells at our Tackle Swap we’ll give you a Natural Sports Gift Card for 80% of the selling price!

Click this link and download the Seller Registration Form.

Selling Tips;
Dig up your old, used or unused and unwanted items. Remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
A little cleaning can go a long way in making an item look nicer & newer.
If you have multiple items such as lures put them in a group or package and sell them as a lot. It will help you sell more items at a time and it’s more appealing to the buyer.
Remember you cannot change prices once the sale starts so put your best price on it if you want to sell.
Our staff will be happy to advise you on pricing.

Too much bother?
Just put your stuff in a box and bring it down! Our staff will be happy to sort it, organize and price it to get you the most value.
Way easier than you own garage sale!

Terms & conditions;
All items must be in working condition.
Sellers set the prices for their items. There is no bartering or negotiating.
We are not responsible for loss or damages incurred to items.
Seller will recieve a Natural Sports gift card equal to 80% of the selling price of the item.
Gift cards for items sold will be issued Monday June 4.
Unsold items must be picked up by June 10, 2018
HST applies to all items sold.
We reserve the right to decline and/or llimit any item and/or seller.

Click this link and download the Seller Registration Form.


 Too many options? Let them choose with a Natural Sports gift card! Available in store or call 519-749-1620!

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